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Rammstein Multifunctional Scarf ”Est. 1994”

Rammstein Multifunctional Scarf ”Est. 1994”

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Rammstein multifunctional scarf "Est. 1994"
Seamless tube scarf made from cotton jersey. The scarf has a wide variety of uses, for example as a headscarf, balaclava, headband, cap, desert scarf, pirate scarf, hairband, beanie, bandana, shawl, ear warmer, etc.

Very elastic cotton jersey 145 g/m² - keeps its shape well.
Material: 95% cotton, 5 % elastane.
Universal size: 27 x 50 cm (> 6 1/2, wide)
Colors available: Black, orange, light grey, navy blue, light blue, yellow.