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Window Sticker “Rammstein + Logo”

Window Sticker “Rammstein + Logo”

15.00 EUR
12.00 EUR

Rammstein lettering + logo bumper sticker in black or silver.

  • single letters

  • application: on the inside of the rear window

  • dimensions: length: 99 cm, height of logo: 13.5 cm, height of lettering: 7.5 cm

  • UV-resistant and has a durability of up to 7 years

The letters are plotted from high-quality adhesive film, i.e. they are free-standing individual letters (no transparent film in the background), which are held together by a backing paper until they are stuck on.

Attention: Please clean the surface well before applying the sticker and follow the instructions: Klebeanleitung (DE)

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