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Rammstein Album *Special Edition*, CD

Rammstein Album *Special Edition*, CD

22.00 EUR

On May 17, 2019, the band’s 7th studio album is released. It is untitled. Like all previous albums, it features 11 songs recorded at “Studios La Fabrique” in Provence, France, near Avignon. The album was produced by Rammstein together with Berlin-based producer Olsen Involtini.

It only takes one week for the album to hit #1 in 14 countries – and to rank in the Top 10 in 26 countries. The album reaches #9 on the Billboard charts, marking the band’s highest chart position in the United States.

*This Special Edition comes in a high-quality DVD format and as a 12-panel digipak with a 12-page booklet.*


  1. DEUTSCHLAND 05:26

  2. RADIO 04:37

  3. ZEIG DICH 04:16

  4. AUSLÄNDER 03:52

  5. SEX 03:56

  6. PUPPE 04:33

  7. WAS ICH LIEBE 04:30

  8. DIAMANT 02:33

  9. WEIT WEG 04:19

  10. TATTOO 04:10

  11. HALLOMANN 04:09

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