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Fire Torch "Funkenstoß"

Fire Torch "Funkenstoß"

145.00 EUR 125.00 EUR

This item can only be ordered individually and not together with other items.  

Rammstein fire torch made of steel with milled out Rammstein logo.

Material: black steel approx. 3.00 mm
Dimensions torch: approx. 40 x 16 x 16 cm
Dimensions torch handle: approx. 145 cm
Total weight: approx. 5.2 kg

The torch is supplied as a plug-in system consisting of 2 parts.

Scope of delivery:

1 x fire torch
1 x torch handle/earth spike with safety split pin/folding split pin
1 x wax roll burning body
1 x assembly and operating instructions

The steel sheet will accumulate flash rust over time and slight deformation of the sheet may occur during firing. These processes are normal and do not affect the durability of the torch.

The enclosed safety instructions for use of the article must be observed!

Replacement wax rolls can be ordered from various websites.

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