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Annual LIFAD Membership

Annual LIFAD Membership

25.00 EUR

LIFAD Community conditions of use

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Join the LIFAD Community!

With an annual LIFAD membership, you get to enjoy many great benefits:

Access to the LIFAD Community

LIFAD is a network uniting Rammstein fans from around the world. Here you get to meet, network and exchange information with like-minded people.

Discounts in the RammsteinShop  
LIFAD members enjoy a special LIFAD discount in the RammsteinShop. You also have access to the exclusive LIFAD collection.

Participate in exclusive LIFAD offers      
LIFAD offers members many exclusive opportunities. For example, you can participate in raffles and win all kinds of unique prizes, including autographed memorabilia or even to go to a rehearsal before a tour begins! Furthermore LIFAD members enjoy exclusive access to presale tickets for selected concerts.

Simply put it in your cart and pay at CHECKOUT. To run LIFAD and to make the special offers available to you, we charge an annual fee of 25 EUR.
Membership is valid for 1 year and ends automatically. It therefore does not need to be cancelled, but must be purchased again after expiry.