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Radio "Weltempfänger"

Radio "Weltempfänger"

41.00 EUR 35.00 EUR LIFAD

The Rammstein Radio "Weltempfänger" is an amplifier for smartphones. No configuration is required for the connection. The sound amplification takes place via induction!  The magnetic field generated by the smartphone speaker produces a current in the induction speaker that corresponds to the audio signal. This is amplified internally and output as a sound via the external loudspeakers, which can then be heard.


  • the RAMMSTEIN radio “Weltempfänger” amplifies the sound of the mobile phone

  • no configuration such as pairing is needed

  • this product is compatible with all common smartphones

  • outside material: paperboard

 How to use:

  • insert 3 x AA batteries (not included in delivery) or connect the USB power supply cable to a power bank or a USB power port for continuous playing

  • insert a smartphone into the speaker’s sensor area (cassette housing)

  • turn on the “Abstimmung” control and the sound from the internal speaker amplifies

  • to adjust the volume spin the controller “Abstimmung” or/and change the volume level on your smartphone

!ATTENTION! Different smartphones require different positions. Please check the speaker sensor position of your smartphone in advance.

Product Specification:

  • Power Supply: 3 x AA batteries or USB power supply cable

  • Speaker: 6Ω5W x 2pcs

  • Rating Output: 100Hz-20KHz

  • Dimensions: length 30 cm x width 7 cm x height 20 cm (handle extended 22.5 cm)

  • Weight: 450 g (600 g with packaging)

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