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“Mein Teil” Rammstein Flambé Burner
  • “Mein Teil”  Rammstein Flambé Burner

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“Mein Teil” Rammstein Flambé Burner "DENN DU BIST, WAS DU ISST."

The flambé burner can be used to caramelize a créme brulée, melt cheese and much more!



Front: “Rammstein”

Back: “und so schön flambiert”

Stand: Outline logo


Features: Stainless steel grip, chrome-plated firing pin (stainless steel alloy), plastic.


Adjustable turbo flame up to 1300 °C


Diameter: 33 mm

Height: 158 mm


SAFETY NOTICE: Fuel is NOT INCLUDED with product! Must be filled with high-quality butane gas. Instructions in German only!