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”Logo” Rammstein Harmonica

  • ”Logo” Rammstein Harmonica
110.00 EUR
80.00 EUR
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Rammstein Harmonica "Logo"

Extremely high-quality 1847 NOBLE harmonica with black anodized aluminum pulley body and stainless steel reeds.

Stainless steel sound cover with wide slits for optimized sound projection and air pressure distribution with covered play.

Body made of milled aluminum, anodized in black with laser-engraved RAMMSTEIN embossing on the front and back - well-sealed for a high-quality feel due to the heavy weight of the instrument.

Approved corrosion-free fine-cut reedplates made of German silver fixed with stainless steel screws - fine tolerances between slot and reed for best possible tone control while playing.

Factory adjusted, pitch-stable and durable reeds and rivets both made of stainless steel for optimal tone response and a full sound.

Includes case and microfiber cleaning cloth

Tuning: C major